Benedictine DOM



Only available for Singapore delivery. 700ml bottle.

Please note that orders of this item are accepted only if accompanied by a Lillie & Luca Baby Gift Hamper. This includes Baby Gift Hampers that are created by the customer from a self-selection of individual items in our store.  Orders of this item are not eligible for reduction of delivery charges.

Benedictine DOM is one of those 500-years-old, top secret recipes invented by French monks. Its sweet taste is said to be the result of 27 herbs and spices, and the DOM stands for Deo Optimo Maximo: "To God, most good, most great." The recipe was nearly lost in the French revolution of 1789, but has been in production again since the 19th century.

Benedictine DOM tonic is one of the most common condiments added to confinement food. Benedictine DOM tonic is added to soups to help the post pregnancy body recuperate. The alcohol evaporates in the cooking, but drinking the Benedictine DOM tonic neat increases its efficacy.  As with all foods, a new mother should drink Benedictine DOM in moderation and drink no more than 10-15ml of Benedictine DOM a day.

It is a perfect accompaniment to a Lillie & Luca Baby Gift Hamper, so whilst we are celebrating the baby, we haven't forgotten the proud parents!

Benedictine DOM

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