Emperor's Imperial Golden Birds Nest



Price quoted is per 150ml bottle.

Only available for Singapore delivery. Please note that orders of this item are accepted only if accompanied by a Lillie & Luca Baby Gift Hamper. This includes Baby Gift Hampers that are created by the customer from a self-selection of individual items in our store.  Orders of this item are not eligible for reduction of delivery charges.

Consuming bird’s nest during confinement is said to have many health and restorative benefits for consumers young and old. Some of these include regulating blood supply, maintaining a beautiful and bright complexion and enhances the rebirth of cells and tissue due to the presence of a polypeptide hormone – Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) in bird’s nest. Due to this EGF, many TCM practitioners have advocated the consumption of bird’s nest during confinement and pregnancy. The EGF supposedly helps the mum recover faster from childbirth as well as improve both her and baby’s complexion (especially if breastfeeding is involved).  As with all foods, it is best to consume bird's nest in moderation once or twice a week due to its cooling factor.

The lucky mum will be able to savour the texture of bit pieces of real birds nest in each bottle. It is ready-to-drink and suitable for all ages, and also for persons with weak digestive systems. Take chilled or warmed direct from the bottle as a special treat.  

It is a perfect accompaniment to a Lillie & Luca Baby Gift Hamper, so whilst we are celebrating the baby, we haven't forgotten the proud parents!

Emperor's Imperial Golden Birds Nest

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