Shipping & Handling

  •        Do you ship internationally?

We sure do.  We are able to deliver internationally via DHL. Delivery time shall be within 5-7 business days in accordance with the delivery times of DHL.  Our international delivery charges will be as quoted by DHL. 

  •        How fast can you deliver within Singapore?

For orders placed and paid for before 2pm on any day in Singapore,  we will use our best efforts to deliver by the following day after receipt of payment.  For orders placed and paid for after 2pm on any day in Singapore, we will use our best efforts to deliver within 48 hours from our receipt of your payment.

  •        Do you have an Express Delivery service?

We sure do.  Express Delivery (same day) service is available at a delivery charge of $40.00 but not for any gift boxes, hampers or items that have to be customised.  

  •        Do you deliver anywhere in Singapore?

Almost everywhere.  Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, we are unable to deliver to addresses in Pulau Ubin, St John’s Island, Jurong Island, PSA Ports and all military camps and naval bases where access to the general public is restricted or prohibited.

We do however deliver to hospitals. Please be careful to provide us accurate details such as the hospital name, recipient's full name, ward and bed number so that we can deliver in accordance with your requests. 

  •       The intended recipient of my gift did not receive it.  What happened?

Please check that you have provided full and accurate delivery details carefully. Inaccurate or mis-spelt delivery information will result in delays or non-delivery. If an order has not arrived by the expected delivery time, please check your delivery details and contact us as soon as possible so we can track your order.

If a delivery is unsuccessful at the delivery address (including hospitals) provided to receive your gift, or if the delivery address is changed after your Order has been dispatched, we will either call you or send you an email to arrange an alternative delivery time. A re-delivery fee of S$20.00 will apply for delivery to the new address. For unsuccessful delivery to countries outside Singapore, the applicable International delivery charges shall be re-charged. 

Cancellations and Refunds

  •       I made an order and paid through your Lillie & Luca website but I’ve changed my mind.  Can I cancel and get a refund?

As processing and customization of orders begins immediately upon receipt of your order and payment, no cancellations nor refunds are permitted after our receipt of payment.

  •       I may have purchased the wrong item.  Can I get exchange?

You may get an exchange prior to delivery of your order to you.  Unfortunately, as we have to ensure our products are safely stored for use by babies, we cannot accept returns of products after they have been delivered to a customer.  

  •       My Lillie & Luca gift box was damaged when it arrived.  Can I get a refund or replacement?

In the event that your Order, gift box or hamper has been damaged through the delivery process, please contact us immediately but in any case within 2 days of receiving your order, gift box or hamper and we will organize to recall the damaged gift box or hamper and replace it with a replacement product, gift box or hamper.  Our returns policy does not apply to products that are deemed by us to have been damaged other than through the delivery process. A refund or exchange will be offered if the goods are deemed by us to be faulty.

Product Substitutions

  •       Do you guarantee every product ordered from the Lillie & Luca website will be exactly as featured on your website?

We strive to deliver to our valued customers the exact product, gift box and hamper as seen on our website. However, some of the products (including those in the gift boxes and hampers we display on the website) may not be available at all times due to unforeseeable circumstances. If that occurs we will endeavor to ensure that you are provided with products of the same or better specification. We may not be unable to advise you when this occurs.  In the event that your entire order, gift box or hamper is not available in stock, we will contact you to propose an alternate order, gift box or hamper before proceeding.

 Sales Support and Customer Service

  •       I still have questions unanswered.  Who can I call?

 We’d love to hear from you.  For any assistance you may require, please contact us at:-


Tel: +65 8828 0128



  •       Are the prices featured on your products inclusive of GST and delivery charges?


               All prices at our website exclude delivery charges and any applicable goods and services taxes, unless otherwise stated.


  •      Can you change your prices after I have made my order but before you have delivered my order?


All gift boxes and hampers, products and delivery prices and/or charges stated in the Website may be changed from time to time without prior notice.  However, the determining price for your order will be the price published on our website at the time of your order.


  •       Are the products that will be delivered exactly as featured in the picture on your website?


Products included in our gift boxes and hampers are listed and displayed on our website. Where other color or design options may be available to our customers, such colors or designs may also be illustrated on our website.  Customers should carefully read the listing of products included in the order (including the gift boxes and hampers) to ascertain the exact contents of such order, gift box or hamper.  All other props that may be displayed as part of the illustration of the product but that are not listed as gift box or hamper contents are for display purposes only and are not included in the Order (including gift boxes or hampers).




  •       Have you done any product safety tests on the products you sell?

We only sell products that are already commercially available.  Therefore we have not conducted any official product compatibility checks with the health and safety laws of Singapore nor licensed the products sold on our websites with the health and safety authorities in Singapore. We therefore cannot guarantee that these products comply with the health and safety laws of Singapore.

Payment of Orders

  •       May we pay for the gift box or products only upon receipt of delivery of the items?

                      As most of our orders are customised, orders cannot be processed and despatched until full payment is received.   

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